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Minister meets housing campaigners in Llanbedr

Report on the  minister's visit to meet the Wales rural housing enablers

Alan Sinclair reports on our meeting with the Minister

On 31 May, the Minister for Housing, Regeneration and Heritage, Huw Lewis, joined the ten affordable housing enablers who work in rural areas to review some of our successes. 

We went to look at Gerddi’r Mynydd in Crickhowell, which was developed by Gwerin Housing as a site of affordable homes purely for local people. As you can see, the residents have environmentally- friendly solar panels, and (although you can’t see) they also have ground source heating, both of which reduce their energy bills. 

We also viewed a site that has recently been granted planning permission, where Wales & West will be building homes for Llanbedr people, which will be affordable because the council is donating the land to the project. 

When looking at these successes, it is worth remembering how much hard graft goes into the planning stages of a development like this.  The Crickhowell scheme was first suggested by a member of the local community in 2003 and finished in 2008.

By a strange twist of fate (or could it just be because the world of the housing professional is a very small one?), I was the person who met with the Crickhowell community initially and took the scheme to planning consent stage, a very strenuous and educational exercise.