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Vale of Glamorgan success

The Vale of Glamorgan is not only famous for Barry Islandand “Gavin & Stacey”. The locations used to film this comedy television series about a Welsh girl and an Essex boy who fall in love, attract many visitors. Many don’t realise there is also a rural side to the Vale of Glamorgan, with many locals priced out of the housing market.
Rural housing enabler for the area is Alan Sinclair. He welcomed other Welsh enablers to demonstrate three successful affordable rural housing schemes.

Vale of Glamorgan - Colwinston affordable housingColwinston
A row of three homes in an idyllic village. A challenging project as the homes are built on the doorstep of a listed church, in a conservation area. On the back of the development a much needed parking area for church visitors was created. The homes have been finished about ten years ago and are still one of the great examples what can be achieved on a small scale.




Vale of Glamorgan - Llanfair affordable housingLlanfair
The school in Llanfair serves also the hamlets spread around the village. Some of the pupils have to walk along dangerous roads to reach the school.
The team involved managed to locate a brown field site in private ownership at the edge of the village, formerly used for quarry related activities. A planning application for eight family homes was submitted and there was concern among some that this would attract “outsiders”. The housing enabler collected hard evidence and personal stories. “If it is lambing time we have to work in shifts and travel 20 miles from where we now live.” The evidence convinced the local members to give planning consent.
The homes are currently under construction and a local lettings policy will apply. Newydd develops and will manage the homes.


Vale of Glamorgan - St Athan afordable housingSt Athan
This site in the village was formerly occupied by a Methodist church built in the 1960s. The proceeds of the sale to a housing association assisted the construction of a new church and community facility within St Athan.
The local community benefitted not only from 16 new properties that were all let to residents with a local connection but the school participated in a House of the Future artwork competition and were provided with safe flooring so that they could use new play apparatus.
The homes have been developed by Wales & West Housing and the occupants moved in their brand new homes in 2010.